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What We Do


We do I.T.!


Instead of hiring a "computer guy" to sit on your payroll, cost you taxes and training, health insurance, FICA and more
hire us and get more for le$$

All your computers, laptops, servers, printers and the rest of your devices - 
From monitoring, patching, and security updates to backups, virus and ransomware protections - whatever your needs, we are  here to help!

We are your full time IT department without the full time expense of employees on your books, a desk space, vacation time, payroll taxes, sick leave, and all the rest of it.  Leave that behind.


Is it safe?


Using cutting edge technologies, we are at all times monitoring and looking after the things that matter on your systems, keeping your machines and servers running in top form, and making sure you have the necessary security patches and safety nets in place to keep your business running and to be prepared for any unforeseen hardships or disasters.

In simple terms, we deliver "managed services" that cover your computer systems - desktops and servers, laptops, portable devices, cloud services and whatever else is critical to running your business - and your people - whether on-premise, WFH (work from home) or remote (i.e "road warriors"). 
We become your front line, providing technical support directly to you and your users, when and where they need it and we are here to advise on and implement the needed measures to keep your company safe and protected, even before you know you need it.


How does this work?


During the "on boarding" phase at the start, we'll investigate and then remediate everything in your environment that isn't as it should be.  After that we continue supporting you and your equipment, acting as a "partner department", as a liaison with your other vendors when needed freeing you up to focus on YOUR work and what matters to YOU.
Then, as an advisor, acting as a "CTO" to your business, we can guide you pro-actively on the technical, management and financial planning of all areas of technology for your business, again freeing you up from the web of technology so you can focus on running YOUR business.

We are focused specifically on serving the SMB market (small and medium businesses), based in Brooklyn NY and serving the surrounding NYC areas.


If you have a server and 10 users I am sure we can save you money.

Call us for a consultation, see how we can help your business thrive!





Networking switch with cables


various networks being managed

Managed Services
and Networks


PBX, VoIP and Telecoms


Wireless Networks


Cyber and Network Security


Hosting and
Cloud Solutions



Partners and Platforms


Ruckus Wireless
Microsoft Windows
Ubiquiti Networks
Total Protection Designs, Power Protection Solutions
Kaseya Management Solutions
Windows Server Technologies
Bit Defender
Panamax Power Protection
Microsoft Windows 10 Desktops
Synology storage solutions
Neutrik connectors for life
Epson Vision
Desktop Central solutions
SurgeX Power Solutions
Lutron Lighting Controls
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